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Harrison Medical Center CHI Franciscan is the only hospital in Kitsap County that has a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program. This program provides prompt, compassionate emergency care for adults, teens and children who have been sexually assaulted at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of services does the SANE program provide?

  • Identifying physical trauma and psychological needs

  • Ensuring that victims receive appropriate medical care

  • Gathering vital medical evidence, documenting injuries and other forensic information

Where is the SANE program located?

Harrison Medical Center CHI Franciscan (Bremerton)
2520 Cherry Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98310


How do I get a SANE exam?


If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted within the past five days, go to or call the Harrison Bremerton Emergency Department at 360-744-6710. Ask for the department social worker.


To schedule an appointment for an exam or to leave a non-urgent message, call SANE at Harrison Bremerton at 360-744-6617.

What's involved in a SANE exam?

SANE nurses are trained professionals, however, ultimately what happens during the exam is your choice. Exams include an interview and a physical exam. Each step of the process is discussed with you to determine if it is necessary. 

Can a friend or family member accompany me?

Yes. Additionally, an advocate will be called to meet you at the Hospital by the SANE nurse. It is your decision if you want the advocate and any other individuals you bring with to the hospital to be in the room while the exam occurs. 

What else can a SANE nurse do to help me?

  • Scheduled medical exams from non-acute sexual assault

  • Risk assessment for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

  • Forensic exams for medical, legal and child welfare professionals

  • Expert witness testimony as needed

  • Can be seen in Emergency Department before or after exam

How much does a SANE exam cost?

Sane exams are provided at no cost.

Additional Questions:

If you’re not sure if your situation is an emergency or not, call:

If you call and get the SANE voicemail and you need to talk to someone immediately, please call the Emergency Department 360-744-6710 and ask to speak to the Social Worker or Charge Nurse.

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